Prague Bike Rental

There is the only operating company that rents bikes in the entire Czech Republic! The motorbikes’ renting company is based in Prague and offers a wonderful selection of road bikes, sport bikes as well as choppers. A number of satisfied bike-riders expressed their thanks for a great service and high quality bikes.

NEW: Harley Davidson rental!

The bike rental starts and ends in Prague only. The bike rental season is from April till October. The minimum renting period is 24 hours and mileage is limited by the length of a rental period. The bikes are in a perfect condition, most of them are no more than two years old! Also, you may rent a helmet, a jacket, side-bags, or buy these and many other accessories right on the spot.

Then just simply enjoy exploring a beauty of the Czech Republic accompanied by freedom, romance and adventure only.

If interested in motorbike rental, please send us your enquiry at: to receive an exact quotation.

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